Cross The Borders

GUS strongly believes that youth work as a profession clearly has much to offer in services for young refugees, migrant and asylum seekers in helping them in a intrapersonal and inter-personal way, promoting a positive interaction with the local communities. From this idea, shared with all the project partners, has born the project Cross the borders.

The main aims of this project are to: share best practices, increase competences, skills and knowledge and find new and common paths for youth workers in EU to work effectively on sustainable inclusion and antidiscrimination strategies for migrant youth and the new hosting societies in Europe, learning to work in close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, with a special focus on to raise awareness and understanding on migrants vulnerable to radicalization.


The project will involve 28 Youth Workers from 4 different countries (Italy, Spain, Hungary and Greece) engaged at different levels in project partner organizations that will provide diversified skills and experiences.


Cross the borders is framed into three main activities:

  • Budapest (Hungary) Activity 1 OPEN YOUR MIND! Four days Training course | The aim of the training course is increasing and enhancing knowledges and skills of youth social workers on intercultural dialogue, inclusion and respect for diversity in their work with young people, particularly migrants/refugees/asylum seekers

Cross_The_Borders_1st Mobility_Budapest

  • Thessaloniki (Greece) Activity 2 EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Six days Study Visit | Participants will have the opportunity to visit Antigone that actively works with youth, to explore their good practices and approaches and to reflect on those in relation to the participant’s home realities. The study-visit aims to good practices and working methods to make more effective the youth work enabling a dialogue concerning the practice of youth work.

Cross_The_Borders_2nd Mobility_Thessaloniki

  • Macerata (Italy) Activity 3 NETWORKING FOR YOUTH Fourteen days | Job Shadowing/Observation Period – The activity of job shadowing aims at transferring good practices, approaches and working methods focusing not only on the importance of integration and networking but also on the importance of working in team and in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Cross_The_Borders_3rd Mobility_Italy


The project will be based on non- formal education and emphasis will be given on the learning by participation methodology, peer education, critical thinking and experiential learning, observation, adopting innovative educational approaches and methodologies.


Photo Report




Salonicco | Second meeting Cross The Borders


Budapest | First meeting Cross The Borders