LAS Learn Apply Spread is a project, leaded by GUS and funded by Erasmus+ Programme KA3 – Support for policy reform, Action Type KA347 – Dialogue between young people and policy makers.


September 2018 | September 2019


Europe is increasingly crossed by phenomenon of intolerance, xenophobia and islamophobia that lead to violence. It is important to start with alternative narratives (to dismantle and replace hateful narratives) that place young people, migrants and not, at the center of change.

Learn, Apply, Spread: three steps to create the basis for a common European feelings and awareness, through knowledge and understanding.


40 youngsters with different background will reflect together with the political decision-makers on the themes of racism, inclusion and respect for rights.

The young people involved will come from Italy and Spain, countries with a long tradition of migration and countries that have to face daily with the reception and integration issues connected to recent migratory flows and to the role of the new European citizens with a migrant background (e.g. second generation).

The project will also involve young Tunisians who see Europe from the another shore of the Mediterranean and, for this reason, will bring a different vision of a possible social inclusion in Europe.


L.A.S.  is framed into three main activities:

  1. LEARN: GUS will present in detail to all the partnersthe good practices of the AS.Y.LUM project (funded by Erasmus+ KA3) and its innovative participatory approaches.
  2. APPLY: first transnational event that will take place in Spain. Where young people and decision makers will question themselves about the issue of participation, migration and the role of Europe in the process of inclusion and social cohesion.
    A survey will be structured and will disseminated in the schools. The survey’s results will be presented during the SPREAD event in Italy.
  3. SPREAD: A final transnational event where N. 40 young people will meet up with the political decision-makers to sum up their experience and try to lay the foundations for new projects of integration and participation.


The methodology of the project L.A.S. is based on the fundamental principles of non-formal education. An essential element of the methodology is based on the holistic nature of the learning experience, through methods that involve not only cognitive or intellectual approaches but also covering the emotional and attitudinal ones.


Photo & Video report

Final Meeting

May 8/10 2019 Alezio (Italy)



First Meeting

November 26/30 2018 Burgos (Spain)