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Back to the future 2


Ritorno volontario

Durata progetto

2018 - 2021


Fondo FAMI 2016/2020 – Ministero dell’Interno

Codice Progetto

2671 CUP I54E19000020007

Back to the Future 2 is a project of GUS in collaboration with its project partners, which offers assistance inGUS in collaboration with its project partners, which offers assistance in returning to the Countries of origin of citizens of any third country (not belonging to the European Union) who request it.

The project supports those who choose to return home through an individualized path based on motivations, experiences and skills as well as personal aspirations. The individual path is structured in conjunction with the network of local partners that supports the individual reintegration path.


Who is it for?

According to the art. 11 of Regulation (EU) n.516 / 2014 can benefit from the AVR&R:

  • Third-country nationals who enjoy the right to stay, long-term residence and / or international protection pursuant to Directive 2011/95 / EU or temporary protection pursuant to Directive 2001/55 / ​​EC in a Member State of the EU, or humanitarian protection;

  • Third-country nationals who are present in Italy and do not meet or no longer meet the conditions of entry and / or stay (irregular) , including third-country nationals whose removal has been deferred in accordance with article 9 and article 14, paragraph 1, of Directive 2008/115/ EC.

Who is excluded from the service?

According to the art. 14-ter paragraph 5 of the Immigration Consolidation Act n. 286/98, those who:

  • They have already benefited from assisted voluntary return programs;

  • They are recipients of an expulsion order as a penal sanction or as a consequence of a criminal sanction or an extradition order or a European arrest warrant or an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court;

  • They are in the conditions referred to in article 13, paragraph 4, letters a), d) and f) or in the conditions referred to in article 13, paragraph 4-bis, letters d) and e) of the legislative decree 25 July 1998, n. 286.

Third-country nationals exepted from the visa requirement are also excluded, as in article 6.3 of the public notice A.M.I.F. 2014-2020.

How can I access the service?

Writing an e-mail to or calling the number of the National Focal Point (NFP)

+39 371 1124916 from Monday to Friday, from 09.30 to 13.30.

Depending on the area of ​​origin of the application, the nearest project territorial Antenna can be activated for the start of the procedure, in conjunction with the NFP, thanks to the presence of the GUS and the project partners in many Italian regions.

The repatriation request is formalized in writing by filling in and signing the RVAR forms and attaching the required documentation.

After verifying the eligibility for the program, interviews are held to understand the applicant's situation in order to structure the Plan of Reintegration (PoR).


What is the National Focal Point (FPN)?

The NFP is based in Rome and is the "operations centre" of the project. The FPN provides information, assistance and operational support to the organization of the RVAR to all those who request it.


What is the PIR?

The PoR is drawn up by the AVR&R applicant, or by the applicant family, with specific forms, and it’s aimed to facilitating in the Country of origin:

- Housing insertion;

- Job placement (eg research and job placement; business start-up);

- Education and vocational training, as well as education for any dependent children;

The objective is to promote a sustainable return through personalized interventions of social and labour reintegration in the Country of origin. Therefore, after the presentation of the AVR&R application, the individual counselling and orientation service for the preparation of the PoR is guaranteed.

What are the steps and services offered to those who choose to return?

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Presentation of the AVR&R application and verification of the requirements;

If the assessment is positive:

  • Preparation of the Plan of Reintegration (PoR);

  • Sending the application to the competent authorities for issuing the AVR&R admission provision;

In the event of admission to the AVR&R by the competent authorities:

In Italy:

  • Assistance in issuing travel documents with the consular authorities in Italy of the Countries of origin of the interested parties and covering any costs;

  • Payment of travel expenses, in Italy and to the Country of origin (flight ticket);

  • Payment of food and lodging expenses in Italy before departure (if necessary);

  • Accompaniment and assistance of an operator at the airport of departure in Italy and payment of the pre-departure fee of € 400.00.

In the Country of origin:

  • Taking charge of the applicant by the local partner and starting the implementation of the PoR for at least 6 months starting from the date of return;

  • For this purpose, provision of goods and services, a reinstatement subsidy of € 2,000.00 per individual / head of the family.

In the case of a family unit, each member of the family receives the pre-departure contribution of € 400.00 and the subsidy for the reinstatement of € 2,000.00 for the head of the family, € 1,000.00 for each major and € 600,00 for each dependent child.


What are the necessary conditions to be able to return?

  • Have full awareness of your choice;

  • That the conditions of the destination country allow the return;

  • Meet the formal requirements.


Preliminary investigation times for AVR&R applications vary based on:

  • Completeness of the documentation provided;

  • Administrative times for issuing authorization for departure from the Prefecture UTG e Police Headquarters, competent for the evaluation;

  • Waiting times for the issuance of the travel document by the competent Embassy (if necessary);

  • Situation in the Country of origin;

  • Activation of the local partner in the Country of origin.

Supporto al rientro di n. 300 cittadini stranieri; attività informative, supporto alla pre-partenza, elaborazione piano di reintegro, misure di reintegro nel paese di origine

Support for the return of n. 300 foreign citizens; information activities, pre-departure support, reintegration plan elaboration, reintegration measures in the country of origin

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